Sensei Kanno studied Aikido in Hombu Dojo, Japan for 7 years under Shoji Seki Sensei, Hayato Osawa Sensei, and Shigeru Sugawara Sensei in particular.
He moved to Bali in September 2010 and ever since, he has been continuing training Aikido at Dojo Samurai with Bali Aikikai members.
Currently holds the 5th Dan, announced in Hombu Dojo in Kagami Biraki ceremony, December 2020.
The certificate was awarded personally by Rai sensei, founder of Bali Aikikai.
Sensei Kanno has also been interviewed recently by Leonard Sodre Sensei, asking about Sensei Kanno’s Aikido journey.
His interviews are published on Facebook, please follow this Link to read them.
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Sensei Kanno

4th Dan Certificate

“The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit”

(Sensei Kanno  5th dan certification from Hombu Dojo)

For the 4th Dan grading, all candidates are required in Japan to write a short Article on Aikido.
Sensei Kanno’s article for his 4th Dan grading  has been published  due to its qualities, in the Aikido magazine from the  Hombu Dojo “Aikido Tankyu“.

aikido tankyuaikido magazine japan
the heart of aikido

The article is entitled “The Heart of Aikido” and is written in Japanese. As yet no translation if available - we are sorry to say!

Hombu Dojo grading
with Seki Sensei in Hombu Dojo
Sensei Kanno

Sensei Kanno 

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