junior classes at Ahimsa

The training program is designed to achieve the following 5 purposes
1: SELF DEFENSE (Learning AIKIDO techniques gives CONFIDENCE, STRENGTH, CARING FOR OTHERS)                                                                                 
2: JAPANESE (Basic words are taught in Japanese)
3: DISCIPLINE (Be on time and listen to sensei and follow dojo etiquette & manners)                                                                                                      
4: CONCENTRATION (By using traditional Japanese tool, Kendama)
5: CALMNESS (From meditation in the end of class)
Training schedule  (Example)
1. Check attendance (Members have to reply, HAI, in Japanese when sensei call the name) (1 mins)
2. Warm up (including Funakogi ikkyo undo, some running, push up, set up exercise) (10mins)
3. Concentration exercise (using Japanese traditional game Kendama, ) (10mins)
4. Ukemi exercise (10mins)
5. Irimi Tenkan Movement (10mins)
6. Techniques (15-20mins)
7. Meditation (Mokuso, close your eyes and calm your heart)(1mins)
8. End (Please clean up the mattress)

Dojo Ahimsa also uses a unique training for kids, using Kendama - a  traditional japanese toy, to enhance the focus and the concentration. We hope Ahimsa kids will be better at school also, not just in the dojo, and not just aikido techniques.

kendama aikido training bali


kids aikido class
kids training Ahimsa bali
kids training Ahimsa bali

Morihei Ueshiba



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